Volunteering with Healer2Healer

Healer2Healer travels with acupuncturists, acupuncture students, Reiki practitioners and massage therapists to indigenous communities in Guatemala and Peru where they work with local partners to share training, herbal medical knowledge, indigenous ceremonies and clinics. In Quiché, Guatemala H2H works with The Q'anil Womens Group. The Q'anil women train in Reiki I & II, NADA Auricular Protocol and basic acupuncture techniques—then work with the H2H practitioners in clinic for the Quiché Maya community.  In Petén, Guatemala H2H works with Unification Maya and Project Ix-Canaan Clinic. In the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, H2H partners with The Paititi Institute, participating in indigenous healing ceremonies, permaculture and clinics.

Volunteering with SPARK

SPARK offers programs for corporations, non-profits and the general public combining energy work sessions and workshops provided by trained practitioners. In Chinatown SPARK offers free Reiki to the Chinese Community at The Greater Chinatown Community Organization and at other scheduled events in Chinatown in Manhattan and Brooklyn. SPARK has also offered free Reiki I & II training in Chinatown. For other volunteer events and to apply for volunteer opportunities contact SPARK (Spirited Action Release and Kindness)


Sharing Reiki with Others

Treating patient for H2H at Ix-Canaan Clinic in Peten, Guatemala, 2010.

 My personal experience volunteering Reiki has been extremely gratifying. In addition to helping others in need it has strengthened my connections to other practitioners with whom I have worked toward a common goal, opening doors and opportunities at unexpected times—exposing my life to experiences I never would have had before learning Reiki and practicing it outside my daily existence. Reiki can present new possibilies to anyone who seeks them.

Look for opportunities volunteering your time doing what you love to do… Reiki. You can start with a Web search. See if there are opportunities at hospices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, family care centers  and community centers in your area. Look to see if there are volunteer organizations with a need for Reiki practitioners. Contact hospitals and clinics. You can ask animal shelters and veterinarians to see if they would accept volunteers. Contact The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) . If you are in the NYC area contact SPARK for volunteer opportunities in Spanish Harlem, Chinatown, Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Consider becoming Reiki II if you are Reiki I. You might have to get Reiki liability insurance. Think about joining a professional Reiki association where you can purchase insurance. If you can travel, look for organizations like Healer2Healer.org with international destinations. Make sure the organization you find has a mission compatible with your own. In whatever way you chose, and to the whatever extent is possible discover your own path by volunteering Reiki.