Treatment Testimonials

"You are amazing. I slept well after our session and yesterday had a great day. I was in shock! For the first day in 22 months my foot was not painful. I don't know what you did, but you are a magician. You did what no doctor could do in all this time. I'm completely astounded. I had no idea how powerful Reiki is. Thank you!"
— Anna L., NYC

"I've been agoraphobic now for 5 years. I moved back in with my mother in Brooklyn with my 6-year-old daughter because someone has to take her to school. After my Dad died I went downhil, and my Mom needed my support, so it was a trade-off. The only way I can go out is in the enclosed bubble of the car—but if there is ANY traffic I panic. Someone told me about Reiki and I found Kristin. After ONE session I had the confidence to go out on a date with someone I knew in the past. We went to a restaurant and afterward he wanted to stop in Target. I started to panic, but I regained composure. I was okay. After the second session I went with him to the beach in Long Island. I was okay. He drove me home and we hit massive traffic on the Long Island Expressway. I was okay. I'm okay. Who knew what Reiki could do?"
—Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY 


Normally expect to spend 1 1/2 hours for a treatment. One hour will be spent on the table and the other half hour will be spent in conversation before and after. Come with an intention for your healing session. Think about why you want to come to be treated? What would you like to achieve during your session? Remember that Reiki works holistically on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. If you are sensitive to incense or other odors, be sure to mention this when you make your appointment. If you have never had Reiki before consider doing three sessions. Discounted packages of three are available.

Reiki Treatment: You will lie on a massage table, fully clothed while the practitioner lays hands on or above body. Reiki seeks to restore harmony to the body if vital energy has become unbalanced. The practioner has been attuned and trained to allow healing energies to flow to the receiver. The receiver can then allow their proximity to influence their own energies, releasing the blocked and imbalanced. The receiver does not have to believe in the effectiveness of Reiki. But they must "allow" it.

Reiki/Crystal Treatment: Similar to a Reiki treatment with the addition of a crystal layout on the body while the practitioner practices Reiki. The layout of stones will be selected according to the receiver's intention for the session. Crystals can magnify a healing intention.

Reiki/Crystal Treatment for Couples

Distance Reiki Treatment: An appointment is made in advance. At the time of the session the recipient will find a place to recline and relax while the practitioner conducts a session. Reiki is just as effective in a remote session as in person. Gift distance sessions can be purchased for loved ones only with their permission.

Healing Attunement: The purpose of the Healing Attunement is to increase the energy available for healing, and help dissolve any energetic resistance the receiver is holding, so Reiki energy can work more quickly and more deeply. Followed by a full Reiki treatment.

Reiki Treatment for your Pet: Our animals friends are very sensitive to Reiki energy. Most often they love it. But they need to be in control of their session. Treatments for pets are usually shorter that human sessions, but they start when the pet is ready and end when they have had enough.

Reiki Treatment with your Small
 You can bring a small dog or cat with you to be treated.

Please call for information on fees and to schedule and appointment.   917.375.7144