Upcoming Classes

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Classes monthly, except Dec.

FREE Reiki Share: Wednesday 21 Jun
6:30 PM for anyone who has been
my Reiki student in the past

Reiki I: Saturday 22 July
10 AM – 6 PM  Park Slope

Reiki II: Sunday 23 July
10 AM – 6 PM  Park Slope

Reiki III ART: 
Call for info
Park Slope 

Reiki III Master/Teacher:
Call for info
Park Slope 

Crystal Healing Workshops:

Next Date TBD in summer 2017
10 AM—5 PM 

Next Date TBD in summer 2017 
10 AM—5 PM




 "I've been blessed to receive the experience and knowledge Kristin has to offer in her classes. I'm thankful for her kindness and commitment in teaching Reiki. Definitely one of the most overwhelming and loving times I've ever been through. I'm glad to have had this opportunity to learn Reiki and meet Kristin."  
— Y. Garcia, Paris

"I had the most profound experience learning Reiki I & II this weekend. As the sole caretaker of my elderly mother who is in a health crisis, I wanted to learn this technique. Kristin was most generous in sharing the information in such a kind and thorough way that I am eternally grateful to her and the spirit of Reiki. Not only can I now help my mother, but strangely I have found that it has helped me find my own center to deal with the stress of her care, which I fear I had lost. Now for the rest of my life I have this amazing tool to help me on my journey."
— Linda N., NYC

"The Reiki class was very structured with good experiential context, making it a very pleasant experience. Kristin gave us great resources to reference and take home as handouts. I loved the hands on practice both giving and receiving Reiki in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere—very comforting." 
— Cecilia G., NYC 




REIKI I: Sat 22 July 10 AM–6 PM
REIKI II: Sun 23 July 10 AM–6 PM
REIKI ART: Usually 5-10 PM Fri TBD Call for info
REIKI Master/Teacher: Call for info
Sat & Sun 10 AM–6 PM both days 
(ART is prerequisite to M/T)

Reiki Classes are usually held on weekends from 
10 AM until 6 PM. Small group training can be arranged at your convenience and even at your venue. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bag lunch or plan to go out in the neighborhood to pick something up. If you have a venue you would like me to travel to and can provide a group of students, we can arrange an incentive for you.
Call to discuss.

Class fee includes a class manual "The Healing Touch", handout and a certificate from The International Center for Reiki Training. Call for pricing details. 917.375.7144

Anyone can learn to practice Reiki. It starts with an "attunement" or an opening of the students energy "channels" to the frequency of the Reiki energy. The attunements are passed from a Reiki Master to a student and will last for your lifetime.

In Reik I or First Degree Reiki training the student learns about the history of Reiki, what Reiki is and how it can be used for self-healing, for the healing of other human beings, all living creatures including plants, and the planet herself. After being attuned you will learn basic hand positions and you will practice working with energy—what it feels like to give and to receive Reiki. You will learn some traditional Japanese Reiki techniques, do some guided meditation and have hands on practice time.

In Reiki II or Second Degree Reiki students receive further attunements. We also learn and practice three ancient and sacred Reiki healing symbols and mantras to help focus the energy and to send it across time and space. We will meditate, learn more Japanese techniques, share in informal discussion and practice what we have learned on each other and on those not present.

It is recommended that you wait about a year between Reiki II and the Master training. During this year the student practices and familiarizes themselves iwith the Reiki energy. 

Advanced Reiki Training (ART): In this half-day intensive class you will learn the Usui Master Symbol and receive the attunement, you'll also learn advanced techniques for achieving goals and solving problems with Reiki, and Reiki aura clearing. Master/Teacher level must take this class first. 

Reiki III – Master/Teacher Training: In this two-day intensive class you will learn how to do all the Usui/Tibetan attunements including the Master attunement, how to do a healing attunement, two additional ancient Tibetan symbols and the values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master. Much of the class time is spent practicing the attunements. If you are not interested in passing Reiki on to others you could chose to stop after the ART training.